Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Writer's Writing Zone

I love having places to go to write. My most recent love is the Roanoke Library. For some reason I prefer if there's shelves of books! Every visit is the same as it is with Barnes and Noble, I prowl through the young adult books with purpose. Hunting, searching, looking for new book titles and publishers. I've worked on my books in several different places, from the park, to Walmart, to Subway and Starbucks... but a place surrounded by books is by far the best. Even at home, my favorite place to write is my book room which I have dubbed "spare oom". I'll post pictures of that one another day because today is the day for the Roanoke Library.

Oh and if you are wondering whose those strange feet are, they are mine and my husbands feet. (Sweet husband came with me today to the library to loves in the same place makes it extra wonderful!)

So, some things I love here:

The young adult section.

This is by far the coolest teen section ever. And I love that the cool couches and tables are specifically for teens, no adults allowed on these awesome chairs. I love that this library has created a special place just for teens.

And of course who couldn't pass up free coffee?

That's right! FREE! I am a coffee connoisseur! It may not be the best coffee in the world, but it's decent... and FREE. So for coffee fans, this is definitely a bonus for coming to this library. Not to mention there's cream, sugar, hot water for tea.


And, this library is connected with tons of other libraries. It would have costed me 10 dollars to get a library card here since I don't live in the city. But since I live in the next city over, I was able to get a library card from there for free, and now can check out books here. Which is exciting!

What makes this place so fabulous for writing? I personally think having places to go to for writing are so important to an author. When I'm at home, I'm usually interrupted by my pets. Dog wants out, dog wants in. Cat wants to sit on my laptop. Love them, of course, but when I fall into the realm of the world I'm creating, being pulled out of it is frustrating. So I like having places to go to write.

But again, why this library? Well, it's quiet. It's comfy. It's inviting. And it has books. Lots and lots of books. And being around books gives me so much positive energy.

I simply love it.

Where do you go to write? Leave your answer in the comments!