Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tulip Craze Review

Murder! Murder! Murder!

Tulip Craze is a short story about a man murdered in a field of tulips. Honestly every character seems a tad suspicious of the crime as the events unfold. It's a quick read, and interesting, enough to hold my attention and kept me guessing, with a somewhat expecting, but satisfying ending. I enjoyed how Lynn brings the story to it's closing.

Be sure to check out the book synopsis below for more details about the book.

My Rating: 

Book Synopsis:

Originally submitted for a murder mystery anthology that fell through, Tulip Craze is an exploration of greed, desire, flowers, and of course murder. An idealistic young tulip farmer is found shot among his tulips. Crows loudly proclaim 'murder', but who did it? And why?

About the Author:

Having spent about an equal amount of time in both the US and Europe I feel comfortable in both cultures. A deep curiosity and interest in history, culture and humanity informs my work on all levels. As well as experience with and continued learning of the paranormal.

Currently I live in the Colorado, USA, surrounded by mountains and many fellow writers.
My formal education includes a bachelors degree in Visual and Performing Arts Management, Administration and Policy, but my overall, best education is the school of life, and self-study; I seek out information, experiences and books to inform my writing and my translation work.

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